Product Description

Pineapple juice is obtained by mechanical means from the flesh of fresh ripe pineapples grown in Costa Rica. The Frozen NFC Pineapple Juice and Aseptic NFC Pineapple Juice are gently and efficiently heat-treated to give the product a browning-free light color and a flavor without objectionable aromas. These products are also free from any antifoaming agent.


Storage & Transportation

The frozen product must be stored and shipped at -18ºC (0ºF). The aseptic product may be stored and shipped at ambient temperature (18ºC - 35ºC).

Similar Products

Made with an MD2 pineapple variety. Stands out for a much sweeter taste, uniform size, ripeness and golden color.
Suitable for smoothies and new product developments; it is made from golden pineapple and has a superior taste, aroma and color.
100% natural concentrate from ripe MD2 pineapples grown in Costa Rica.